Academic Compensation - Definitions

Academic Year
(9-month) Appointees
Faculty are paid for the work they perform during the academic year defined to be from the beginning of the Fall semester to the end of the Spring semester. However, for full year service, the salary is paid out over 12 months, allowing for benefits for the entire year. These are normally instructional staff (professors and lectures).

Fiscal Year
(11-month) Appointees

To convert an academic year salary rate to a fiscal year salary rate, multiply the academic year salary rate by 1.16. to convert from a fiscal year salary rate, divide it by 1.16.

On Scale
- Salary is on the published salary scale


Decoupled Salary
a salary increment which is in addition to the candidate’s established rank and step salary


Above Scale
- Beyond top of scale (no step designation)
Used primarily for the professorial series
Advancement to above scale status is an honor Also called Special Salary
Above-scale increments: $12,500 (AY) and $14,000 (FY)

The annual salary divided by 12 to calculate the monthly rate.

The annual salary divided by 9 to calculate the monthly rate. Used primarily for additional summer compensation, but may also be used for academic year research appointments.

Pay Period

The period over which payments are made. This may differ from the service period.

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