Candidate's Rights - Review Process


  • Inform the Candidate about the review process (including departmental procedures) and the rights of the Candidate during the course of the review. The Candidate should be provided the following documents:
    • APM 160 - Academic Personnel Records: Maintenance of, Access to, and Opportunity to Request Amendment of
    • APM 210 - Review and Appraisal Committees (criteria for promotion)
    • APM 220-80 - Appointment and Promotion
  • Provide the Candidate the opportunity to nominate external evaluators. (220-80-c)
  • Inform the Candidate that he/she may indicate individuals who might not be objective (both internal and external reviewers). The Candidate must provide a written statement with reasons which will be included in the review file, but will be accessible only to administrators. (220-80-c)
  • At least 5 days before the faculty meeting scheduled to determine the departmental recommendation, provide the Candidate the opportunity to inspect non-confidential materials (to ensure completeness) and to receive redacted copies of the confidential materials. (220-80-d)
  • Candidate has the opportunity to make a written statement for the file before the departmental recommendation is determined. (220-80-d)
  • Candidate shall be informed of the departmental recommendation (including the detailed vote) and the substance of the departmental evaluations in each of the four criteria. Upon request by the Candidate, he/she may receive a copy of the chair's letter. (220-80-e)
  • Candidate will be provided copies of any and all material added to the review file per APM 220-80-h
  • After the final decision or at the Preliminary Assessment stage, the Candidate may request copies of the entire review file or a written summary of the reasons for the decision. (220-80-i)
  • For the Preliminary Assessment stage, provide the Candidate the same opportunity for review of the file and to submit a statement.

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